Friday, July 3, 2015



We left Seattle just before sunset and watched the sun set for a few minutes and pop right back up, the sky never getting dark. A hint of the Northern Lights smiling at us....

As we neared Europe we had a glorious sunrise again with the green of the northern lights peeking at us.

The two lovelies are on their way.  We each watched Al Pacino in "Danny Collins" on our individual video screens.  Great movie if you haven't seen it.  Great service from Delta attendants.  The safety video was hilarious.  Made us all sit up and take notice to info we've all seen dozens of times.

Ten hours later and we can see the London countryside -- farmland and villages and all neatly in order like a well-planned puzzle.  

Our Limo driver picked us up at Heathrow.  He suggested we might want a beverage for the 45 minute ride into London.  After a bit of discussion around the yes-no decision we learned his real motivation was a cup of coffee for himself.  We added our beverages to the order and easily paid by credit card at the drive thru.


Elegance and refinement at the Bentley Hotel.  There's no long counter for check in but instead a small desk.  We were both a bit embarrassed to carry McD cups into a place that clearly expected our best behavior.  After a bit of confusion about the reservation we were upgraded to the junior suite you see below.

We are happily -- if very exhaustedly -- ensconced in our suite, preparing our blog and planning our fish and chips dinner from the shop around the corner.  And then finally we will collapse for a catch-up night of sound and restful (we hope) sleep.

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