Sunday, July 19, 2015


 Another beautiful sunrise welcomed us to Copenhagen as we docked!

We were up and moving by 6……breakfast at 6:30…….bags out last night at 10pm…..we were packed and ready to depart Nautica by 7:30am. Picked up our luggage and popped into a taxi and were at our hotel The Radisson Blu by 8:30am. They had our large room  (in the modern style) ready for us when we arrived.

YAHOO!!!! That is when we tried the wifi and realized that we were NOT in a great wifi spot after all. 

Copenhagen is a lovely city and is most famous for the fun fun place Trivoli Gardens which was the basis of the idea by Walt Disney for Disneyland! The real little Mermaid also lives here....

As we left the hotel for our tour of the city, we realized that we had missed the tour (two mixed times). It was worked out that we would tour tomorrow and were free today.  So we decided to jump a train and head to Malmo, Sweden, and avoid the Sunday crowds of Copenhagen!!!!

                              WE DID IT !!!!  WE DID IT ALL BY OURSELVES!!!!


Detective Anita here we come! We read a series of Malmo detective books prior to Norway/Sweden trip in 2014. Jo Nesbo is another author of great Swedish books which we have read.   We encourage you to explore all  the Scandanavian mystery writers.

Meet Me in Malmo (1) - Torquil MacLeod
Murder in Malmo (2) - Torquil MacLeod
Missing in Malmo (3) - Torquil MacLeod

More books listed on the right side (scroll down) of our Norway blog.  CLICK HERE

We headed to the Train Station, wandered around, watched people purchase tickets electronically, finally realized that we have to purchase a "family" ticket to save our $$$. A grumpy Swede handed over the ticket and off we went to our "adventure"!!!

Copenhagen Train Station

Our trip to Malmo was great and I encourage you all to read the books. Malmo was one of the cities that we have seen is not “facade”. The back streets were just as beautiful as the numerous squares we visited.

Malmo Train Station

(including the two beauties who visited on 19 July)


Back to Copenhagen after a great day at Malmo. Today our last day, was a tour of the city with a cute fun visit to the LITTLE MERMAID, Amalienborg Palace of the Queen, the Maersk Foundation donated Opera House and of course the "commune" Christiania and TIVOLI with all of it's own personal excitements. Lovely town, lovely people, strong allegiance to their Queen and her family and to their flag. Pretty impressive!


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