Saturday, July 18, 2015


with a glorious sunrise!


We are on the last few stops of our magnificent cruise.  If you have been following along at all, you will know some of the places we've enjoyed -- Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg.

You might use this ditty to describe our short visit to Lithuania:
                    "second verse, same as the first -- a whole lot faster and a little bit worse."

"Worse" may be a bit harsh.  Small, small town so we didn't roam.  Klaipeda -- KLY-pa-da. (For those who care, tis the only Baltic port that doesn't freeze in winter.) If we don't KLAP for Klaipeda, we don't know who will.

Here's the power point version
  • Dock at 1 pm
  • Catch a shuttle from the windy windy pier
  • Log on to wifi (which we cannot get on the ship.)
  • Get off the bus at the town square
  • Visit a cafe for wifi (drink cappuccinos and have local poppy seed pastry -- nom nom)
  • Stroll the square's 8 booths and buy a few things
  • See others from the cruise
  • Catch the shuttle back to ship
  • Pier still windy
  • Depart at 11 pm after we have had room service burgers and watched a couple of movies

                                                             The Town Square

 Becky doing what comes naturally!!!!!!

Our sweet poppyseed cake and honey cake and cappuccino 
wifi center of Lithuania!


Here is something that we found both interesting and disturbing, which occurred about 2 hours before docking at Klaipeda.
                                 Medical Emergency while at sea.
We awakened to the sound of helicopters  circling the ship.  We were both sure the Russkies had decided to take us back to St. Pete for detailed "questioning" about our activities.   NOT

The copters continued to circle, accompanied by a Coast Guard vessel right outside our balcony.  There may actually have been two helicopters -- one for evacuation and one for guarding.  When breakfast arrived the waiter said:  Passenger had medical emergency.

We learned only minimal details later -- basically that the passenger left the ship and "all is well."  Scary and disturbing -- how awful to have an emergency and then be in a foreign land with language difficulties and different levels of service.

One of the many summer place homes we saw as we meandered through the entrance harbor....

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