Monday, March 30, 2015

More decisions: Going Ashore

Our floating hotel, The Nautica, will be heading into several ports along the way.

At each location we will have a chance to visit some special sites.  Sometimes, we thought we will simply walk around an ancient village and soak up the ambience.

Here's a brief overview of what we've decided --

Bruges -- we have one walking around town thru Oceania

Amsterdam -- we just need to get to town, talk to concierge after we board

Stockhom -- talk to concierge, we were there last year!

Helsinki -- we have one walking tour thru Oceania

St Pete -- we have three things thru Oceania, two on the 14th and one on the 15th

Tallinn -- we have walking tour thru Oceania, but a discovery one where we do the work without the yak yak

Klaipeda -- we will talk to concierge while aboard ship

Gdansk -- we have not decided.  Maybe an Oceania and maybe a self-guided if we can get into town.  

We'll make other decisions after we board the ship.  Oceania makes available to us a concierge who will assist with shore excursions.

It's just Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Our heads are spinning!

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